3 Ways To Make Working With A Bail Bondsman More Affordable

Posted on: 31 March 2018

As you probably already know, working with a bail bondsman can make getting a loved one out of jail more affordable. However, you could still be concerned about the cost. These are a few ways that you can make working with a bail bondsman more affordable.

1. Avoid Using a Credit Card

For one thing, it can be tempting to get someone out of jail with your credit card. Also, many bail bondsmen actually accept credit cards now, even though many did not accept them in the past. Of course, if this is your only option for getting your loved one out of jail, then it might be something that you'll want to do. However, if you have another option, you may want to do so. Your credit card company might consider it to be a cash advance, meaning that you could be subject to additional fees. Even if this is not the case, you may have to pay interest if you don't pay off the amount right away. Plus, some bail bondsmen charge a fee for credit card processing, which wouldn't be something you would have to worry about if you paid with cash.

2. Call Around and Ask About Fees

You should not assume that all bail bondsmen charge the same amount for their services. Many charge lower percentages of the bond amount in an effort to attract more customers. Therefore, it's definitely a good idea to consider calling a few people who offer bail bond services to inquire about their fees. This can help you choose the one that is most affordable but that still offers this helpful service.

3. Ask About Getting On a Payment Plan

Don't assume that you will be required to pay the full bail bondsman fee up-front. Even though some bail bondsmen require this, others do not. Some are willing to work out a payment plan with the person who is bailing a loved one out of jail. Call and ask about your options; after all, many bail bondsmen are more than happy to talk to their potential customers about their options to help make the process easier for them.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to make working with a bail bondsman a little more affordable. This can help take some of the pressure off of you when you are dealing with a situation that is already a bit stressful.