Where Should You Sell Your Jewelry?

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Jewelry can be a quick and convenient source of cash when you really need it. There's always a good market for good-quality used jewelry if it consists of precious metals or gemstones. You'll never lack a number of people who are interested in taking the item off your hands.

The challenge in trying to sell your used jewelry is finding somebody who is willing to buy at a fair price. There is also a safety factor involved due to the value of the item. Where can you sell such items with ease?

A Local Reputable Jeweler

Local jewelers are perhaps the ideal option to pawn diamond ring jewelry and other items if they are an established fixture in the area and have a good reputation. Jewelers have the tools and skills to carry out a proper appraisal of the item and the precious stones attached. This means they're the most likely to offer you the best value for your high-priced item.

The downside of jewelers is that their interest may only be limited to items of a certain value or more. They may also not wish to take on certain items at a particular time.


E-commerce sites have emerged as some of the best marketplaces for new and used jewelry. Bidding sites such as eBay can help you to get an excellent price for your item if multiple people are interested in buying.

However, there are a number of serious downsides to selling online. For starters, it's not very convenient since it may take some time before you can use the cash. Secondly, some buyers may claim not to have received the items while others may swap real precious stones with fake ones and claim the item wasn't as described. These scams can cost you a fortune.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops offer an easy and convenient way for you to pawn a diamond ring without worrying about the security risks. Most pawn shops are interested in people looking to sell or pawn jewelry because these are items that are usually in high demand and they are sure they can easily sell to someone else if they need to.

Naturally, pawn shops may not offer you the best price for your used jewelry but there'll be much less chance of you getting scammed since you'll know exactly what they're willing to offer before the deal is finalized. As long as you're good at negotiating, it can end up as a good deal for you.