4 Things A Bail Bondsman Needs To Process Your Application

Posted on: 28 May 2019

After an arrest, bail bondsmen can offer help with a moment's notice. However, in order to help your loved one — you need to help the bail bondsman. A part of the process is knowing what information he or she will need. Yes, all bond services vary, so not every company will require the same information, but there are some requirements that are typical across the board. 

1. Full Legal Name

You need to provide the full legal name of the person that has been arrested, including the correct spelling and their middle name. Particularly in larger metropolitan areas, it's not uncommon for inmates with the same name to be in custody. Jail systems also exercise a certain level of caution, in terms of the information they provide. If the bondsman does not have the correct name information, the operator might not be able to locate the record or exercise their right not to grant information over the phone.

2. Location of Detainment 

When your loved one calls you, make sure you write down the name of the facility where they are being detained. Again, this information is important in larger areas, as there might be multiple jails, and the individual might live in one county, but be arrested in a surrounding county. This information is important because the location of detainment helps the bondsman determine where they need to send the release information. Sending the information to the wrong location will only delay your loved one's release. 

3. Charges

Find out what your loved one is being charged with. Bail bondsman are not required to take on every request they receive, and in some instances, some services don't accept applications for certain charges, such as those with excessively high bail amounts. Rather than begin the process and find out this information after the fact, it's best to provide this information right away. If you are unable to speak with your loved one, you should be able to look at the offender website for your local county to retrieve their arrest record.

4. Signee

Know ahead of time who will be the signee for the bond request. Just like some companies have restrictions when it comes to charges, some have restrictions when it comes to signees. In addition to credit history, the bondsman might also take into consideration the employment history and criminal record of the signee. Ask around the family to determine who is willing to make the commitment and is in the best position to do so ahead of time.

Make certain you collect all this information beforehand to process the application and release as fast as possible. You should also not hesitate to ask if there is any additional information required upfront to avoid any future delays. Get in touch with a company like American Bail Bonds for more information.