Three Misleading Myths about Bail Bonds That You Should Dismiss

Posted on: 22 September 2022

A bail bond is a fee a defendant pays for an early release from custody while awaiting court proceedings. If someone does not have the bail amount, they will remain in custody until their court date. Many people on the internet today have a lot of false information about bail bonds. For instance, some people have misleading information about the primary role of bail bond services. Others have the wrong information about how bail bonds are set and the factors considered. Keep reading this blog to dispel all the misleading information you may have about bail bonds.

You Must Wait on a List Before the Bail Bonding Agent Posts the Bail

This is a false misconception — you can pay your bail amount online without waiting for many hours. The primary mistake is waiting for a long time before asking for help. You should contact the bail bonds services immediately after the bail bond amount is set. The waiting period is only a few hours before everything is resolved, and you will be out of custody. Most bail bond services will help you immediately, so you shouldn't wait for a long time before contacting them. 

It Is Illegal to Bail Another Person

This is a false assumption that is common in society. People assume they may be associated with their friend's crimes if they bail them out. It is untrue because this is one of the roles of most bail bond services, which are considered legal enterprises. Nothing will happen when you go to pay the bail bond amount. Another thing you should note is that bail bonds are not set for violent crimes. For instance, if your friend has been charged with murder, the best way to help them is to hire a lawyer. Do not be afraid if your friend or family member asks you to bail them out of jail. 

Bail Bondsmen Are Shady

Many people think that most bail bond services are shady. This misconception stems from the perception that bail bond agencies are criminal harbors. The truth is that these bail bond services are legitimate businesses that are licensed and closely supervised. The government regulates these bail bond services to ensure they are not taking advantage of innocent and distressed citizens. You should be glad that bail bond services are allowed in the United States because some countries do not allow bail bonds. Do not hesitate to call a bail bond agent, as they will likely be your best card of custody.

For more information, contact a bail bonds service in your area.